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So... I only got like... two votes for the Winter Party I'm hosting. And those were for the worst possible dates. So! NEW DATES!

The party will occur from the 3rd to the 5th of January. If we really want to, we could do the 7th. But it will celebrate all Winter Holidays and New Years.

The party will be hosted by me, and snacks, drinks, dinner, and dessert will be ready. If you want to help out, bring a bag of candy, cookies, or your favorite chips.

I saw a turn-off for all the rules, so I have gotten permission to modify them and I WILL EXPLAIN THEM.

1. No smoking and drinking.
(I know few of you smoke and drink, and those who do do these casually and controlled. I don't think it will be a problem, but my parents will lock up the good wine, just in case.)

2. No entering bedrooms.
(This rule is basically because of my parents' fear of teenage sex. They only really know one person in our group - Kevin. I know that you guys can control yourselves with this too... They also fear for personal items being rummaged into. I'll leave my door open, but monitor who goes in there. I DO trust you guys.)

3. We're not in charge of transportation.
(You have to get your own ride here and back. We're not limo drivers here... The reason I'm telling you this party in advance is so you can organize transportation, food, dress, etc...)

The party will probably go from 11:30-10.

No, we won't play video games, unless people don't show up.

Yes, we will feed you. (Dinner, yes. Lunch, maybe.)

That's pretty much it...
... I read that as 11:30 PM until 10 AM. And then I looked again and realized that I make no sense.

Other than that, if I can figure out where I'm going, I'll be there, I guess. No reason not to, at this point.

The rules still sound bitchy, but also logical. I'd assume that everything but "no drinking/smoking" was implied.
I'll tell everyone my address at least a week before the party.

And the rules are a little bitchy. But... what can you do?
no possibility of party in december?
There'll be another one at some point this month.
Well, my parents own a store, and I'll be working there until New Years' to help them out due to a shortage of employees. So, in reality, January dates are the only ones that work for them.

UNLESS you want to have one THIS weekend to replace Koosh...