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If there was Koosh this weekend, would you come?

How about Lap Tag tomorrow?

What's going on with holiday events?

Want to do a Secret Santa type thing? Howbout a Music Stealing Secret Santa, where you burn people stuff that's on their wish list?

Probably not. I'm coming up on finals and have a lot of work to do. Secret Santa sounds fun though.

yes, well maybe

well we have a christmas party in mind but no dates or places for certain yet

- Probably not, depends on weather extremes.

- Likely. If the ground isn't wet and it's not cold.

- I have no f***ing clue. Nobody has RSVP'd to my Koosh Winter Party, and it looks like no ski trip.

- Secret Santa is fun. We should agree on a money minimum-maximum though, so people don't spend too much on others.