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Alright guys. Time to post this down.

So from the emails it's decided we will have a lap tag Koosh session in the park next to school. Don't know where that is? Look it up. Since we have Friday off of school, I am proposing we have it at 1:00. This may follow with some basic Koosh sports. If weather is bad, we can migrate to a nearby house, or call it off. After this Friday it will be every Friday, at 3:30 after school. Any problems? No? Good.

So, some of us have the SAT's this day. So we have to stray as far away from the 6AM-2PM range of times. Here are our options for it:

Sleepover/Crashing Party - Ralph (College) PENDING
Post-Halloween/Birthday Party - Mike (High School Senior) POSTPONED UNTIL THE WEEKEND OF THE 11TH/12TH

If any of you have any other locations, post them in this topic, and I can add them.

Regular Koosh meet. Will continue unless horrible weather. (You do not determine horrible weather, the majority does.)

That's all for now.
Hi. In case anyone doesn't know me and somehow finds this, I'm Riva, formerly known as Rebecca, with the short reddish hair.

The last few weeks, koosh has really sucked. It's kinda pathetic, so I figured we should do something about it, and what better thing to do than create needless and ineffectual discussion? And thus the community was born.

My livejournal network is not very large, so feel free to tell other people from koosh and on LJ about this community.

So, a number of proposals have been made for winter koosh. The ones I remember are:
-we should build a dojo
-we should just be more active and avoid getting cold
-we should always be at someone's house, rotating houses and focusing on things that don't involve broken windows when done indoors (Friday lap tag could supplement that stuff?)
-we should have some sort of winter event (Koosh Tahoe?), though that doesn't really replace ordinary koosh
-we should rent a dojo that doesn't have classes on Sunday, with rent paid in some sort of useful labor

If anyone has other suggestions, they will be added to the list. For now, we can start with that. What of the above do you think would work? What sounds nice but impossible? What would work but be miserable? thoughts?

All complaints about the layout will be taken into consideration. Thank you.