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Koosh's winter home?

We should build a dojo

The United Kooshing Squad
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This is a community for people who go to koosh. If you don't know what that means, you probably don't belong here. Unless you're a new person who could be convinced to come...

Join the cult? I promise we're very nice people. We absolutely never bite, either... except for her and she doesn't count. okay, and her too, and me and her, and her, and I think he did once, and maybe him too, and...

Basically, I created this community so we'd be able to have discussions without being in person. This seems a better system than the mass email thing. If anyone who goes to koosh wants to be a moderator, please talk to me.

Discussions mostly means the one where Kevin says we should build a dojo, because the whole point of that one is that we don't want to meet in person until we have someplace warm. Feel free to be as off-topic as you like, though.